Business Segments

Granting of Licences

Pharmavision is the proprietor of the licencing-dossiers of all offered products and offers licences for the sale of these products on the basis of EU licencing. We are interested in finding long-term distribution partners in EU countries to tie into our business model. In this connection we are addressing, amongst other things, small and medium scale generic companies that have either been cut off from attractive products due to excessive cost prices or attained access to the market too late.

Extensive management of Market Entry

Due to the close cooperation with our Asian and European partners Pharmavision offers the extensive management of “product access” and “market entry”. Pharmavision disposes over a strong sales-network in several countries and is always looking for exciting products, especially new niche products. Pharmavision offers high quality assistance for the preparation of licence-documentation as well as providing the necessary registering-expertise. Together with our distribution partners the previously mentioned niche products can be purposefully marketed. Of course Pharmavision’s new service concept also encompasses the entire logistic chain inclusive of all production steps as well as EU-reanalysis. Due to this, we can offer clients from both Asia and Europe an integrative solution.

With this offer, we are addressing both: clients in Asia who are interested in exporting their niche products in the attractive European market and haven’t quite managed to do so due to market entry barriers, as well as clients in Europe, that are looking for niche products at optimal cost.

Supply chain management

To Pharmavision, supply chain management means the integration and coordination of all partners along the supply chain of our products, so we can offer pharmaceutical products already approved for the European market to our distribution partners. The following steps describe the extent of our supply chain management:

  • Selection and management of suppliers
  • Negotiating and securing economic purchase prices
  • Aggregation of customer-forecasts and their transition to “economic order quantities”
  • Order management
  • Transport and storage inclusive of a controlled installation of a validated cold-chain with renowned globally operating partners (DHL and Emirates for cold-chain transports ex Bangladesh)
  • Assignment of EU-reanalysis and market clearance for European markets
  • Timely allocation of goods for our customers
  • Indemnification of all legal requirements for pharmaceutical Products (Good Distribution Practice, national requirements i.e. medicines act, pharmaceutical products plant regulation 2009) along the entire supply chain. This is a demand not yet being part of official inspection but is seen by us as negotiated agreement.